Lemmon Valley Heights Letter

Dear Washoe County Board of Commissioners,

Washoe County residents trust you to put their safety above new taxes.

The Lemmon Valley Heights project puts homes downstream at greater risk of flooding. It’s irresponsible to put long standing members of our community at risk because they didn’t take wild future growth into consideration when they bought their property.

How much of the burden for growth will our existing communities have to burden?

The process of making developers meet requirements are there so our community is safe. Our current ideas around flood mitigation are not working. The only sure solution is to stop building in the lake and its flood channels. The liability of water pathways is too great. We have tried retention ponds, barriers, pumping- it seems to have little effect on the level of Swan Lake.

Approval of this project will have immediate consequences for the level of the lake due to the effluent going in. It will create immediate irreparable harm to neighbors downstream.

I support the appeal of the Lemmon Valley Heights project.


Lindsy Judd


Washoe County District 5 Commissioner Speaks Against Equal Pay for Women

In response to Washoe County Chairperson Kitty Jung’s recognition of Equal Pay Day last Tuesday, April 10th, and her call for Washoe County to participate in a statewide survey about pay disparity and gender, County Commissioner Jeanne Herman commented that, “I know women want to be equal and they, you know, I think, we ask a lot sometimes.”

In response to Ms. Herman’s remark, Democratic, District 5 Commissioner Candidate said: “Jeanne Herman has reflected an absence of understanding of what is happening in her District, in her County, in her State and across the U.S.  It’s unfortunate, that she has not bothered to become informed on one of the most important economic issues in our State and in our Country.  According to research reported by the American Association of University Women, The Equal Pay Act of 1963 has improved the lives of all of Nevadans because Nevada women have grown their dollar share of income earning from .54 cents to .81 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts.  That means that women were able to grow not only their families economy, but also the economy and well-being for the entire state.”

“The citizens in District 5 and throughout the County, deserve to be represented by someone better informed, someone who uses well researched information to make qualified decisions that serve the best interest of all the citizens in the District.  Her lack of good judgment over the past several years is primarily the reason I felt urged to run,” Ms. Judd commented.

Lindsy Judd is a farmer, teacher, millennial wife and mother of two.  Ms. Judd is running for Washoe County Commissioner in District 5, which serves a large geographic area in northern Washoe County, where the average salary gap between men and women is $14,000.  For additional information on Equal Pay and other issues affecting Washoe County District 5, see Datausa.io or contact Ms. Judd directly at hi@lindsyjudd.com.

Run for Something endorses Lindsy Judd for Washoe County Commissioner District 5.

Run for Something endorses Lindsy Judd for Washoe County Commissioner District 5. Progressive wave builds momentum with new candidates in Nevada.
March 29, 2018- Lindsy Judd is proud to receive the endorsement of Run for Something (RfS), the groundbreaking organization that recruits and supports strong voices in the next generation of progressive leadership.
Judd said of the endorsement “Run for Something embodies the energy I will bring to the Washoe County Commission. It qualifies my perspective as a millennial.”
“These first time candidates all have the heart and hustle that is so important to us at RfS, and we are proud to give them our endorsement,” said Ross Morales Rocketto, RfS co founder. “Put simply, they are the type of people we think the Party needs and the type of candidates who are going to work hard. They are knocking on doors and stepping up to run grassroots, community-led campaigns.”
By the numbers:
87 first or second time candidates endorsed this month
RFS has endorsed 300 candidates total, from 41 states
Campaign budgets range from $3000 to $300,000
Win numbers range from 645 to 100,000 votes
The endorsement process includes an extensive internal review with background check, staff interview and insight from local state experts.
Amanda Litman and Ross Morales Rocketto launched RfS on Jan. 20, 2017 with a simple premise: help young diverse progressives to run for down-ballot races in order to build a bench for the future. RfS aims to lower the barriers to entry for these candidates by helping them with seed money, organization building, and access to trainings needed to be successful. So far, about 17,000 young people from across the country have signed up as candidates and gained access to RfS resources. RFS_LindsyJudd_O

Housing Reno’s Homeless

I’m still pleased that my opinion was published in the local paper. I reworked it and submitted it to Reno City Council. Since this was published I have found many locals are interested in these same ideas, with a few nuances. I’ve added the text below.


Long Term Housing Solutions needed

The City Council doesn’t know what they’re doing in regard to homelessness in Reno. Everyone views this issue, especially those without housing, to be a problem. There are several different ways cities around the country are dealing with homelessness. Salt Lake City and Austin are building permanent housing. Aurora, Colo., uses legal marijuana montu to fund programs. Shelters are temporary solutions, Reno needs more long term solutions. Long-term solutions are better for everyone. We need more affordable housing projects. Everyone is feeling the housing market rise, most families need help getting and staying in permanent housing. Home is possible and similar programs are a great way to facilitate more home ownership. If homeless folks are going to stay off the streets, the need services that support them. Programs that provide continued support to keep people off the street, like Re-Start, are part of a long-term solution.

Lindsy Judd, Reno

A few of the nuances:

Housing First is a proven method of ending all types of homelessness and is the most effective approach to ending chronic homelessness. Housing First offers individuals and families experiencing homelessness immediate access to permanent affordable or supportive housing.

Tiny Home Community is in the works! It needs land but it has a lot of community support. Tiny Home Community RGJ

Housing/ Community Land Trusts are a a way to lease a house for 99 years and keep the appreciation low so the mortgage will remain low for the lifetime of the tenant. It can be entrusted to a non-profit or managed by a government entity.

Lastly, Washoe County is low on revenue, so a Government Services Tax added to NV DMV registration can fund these and other long-term solutions. The tax is 28$/year for a new car and decreases as the car ages.

E-Work scams

Over the past few weeks , I’ve dipped my toes into the freelance coding from home world. Now I am a very novice coder, but with my husband’s guidance I can make anything. I read that UpWork is a great place to get started when it comes to freelance coding. I made a sweet profile and attached my freeCodeCamp projects. At first I applied to everything. They say the first thousand is the hardest to make. UpWork takes 20% so really it’s the first 1,200! Many jobs people post there are for less than 50 dollars. I quickly realized that to make any money I’d have to limit my searches to over 100$.

Recently I’ve been applying to web developer jobs that seem pretty legitimate; not throwing any flags at first glance. Upon digging a little deeper certain aspects of the advertisements have caught my attention. Yes, I applied to a couple of these scams. Looking at the ads here are a few things that caught my eye:

Google Hangout with alleged company

That was quick

Grammar and spell check errors.

I understand that UpWork is an international platform and having worked in South Korea I have a soft spot for easy mistakes. I try my hardest to be compassionate when I see this UpWork disclaimer: This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details. Repeated errors throughout the exchange is something that throws a red flag.

The payments are not verified.

Like yourself there are many new companies on UpWork but if they haven’t taken the time to verify the money they’ll be spending; they probably don’t have any. I understand that people are busy but I’ve verified my account- it’s very simple. Isn’t not that they’re busy it’s that they want to catch as many people in their net before Upwork experts catch on what they’re doing.

Work is vague and all encompassing.

A good company will provide a mock-up of what they want the website to look like or at least have some idea about the website. Think about it- they need to use it after you’re gone, they should be a little familiar with what they want, why they want it and how to use it on a small scale. Most have a good idea of what software and coding language they want you to use. If it’s a ‘world is your oyster’ situation it’s probably too good to be true.

Too much stuff

Why do I need Raspberry Pi to make a website?

They have several positions they are hiring for.

Wow, it’s like a job fair in one place. They need an entire company. This is not a good sign. It means they are widening their nets to get as many workers caught in the net as possible. Sure, some companies are startups and they are looking for long term in every position possible but they could have spent a little more time to present as quality. If they present as crappy, given little direction, not really knowing what they are doing… they probably have skills in another area; scams.

Maybe you think ‘oh, that’s okay, I’ll apply and see where that takes me’.Congratulations you’ve made it to the interview! Really!?! (For me that’s another flag.) Then a few more things start to get the red flags waving:

A disproportionate number of interviews like all or most of them.

In the tech world we are often told that it’s a numbers game. We then apply that to our experience in other fields where there are tons of people applying for jobs- think telecommunications. So we apply to all the jobs and take the first interview and accept the first job- pushed to be at risk and fighting in a tank of piranhas. There is always time to take a breath and access the situation. I received an offer from Mangalam Pharmaceuticals. 

They want to chat off the UpWork platform.

This is where the UpWork platform throws their red flag. They have all the tools you need to talk and work (basically a home office). UpWork also has great community forums where you can get information on best practises. Every two weeks or so they also host a new to UpWork webinar that is very informative.

The interviewer is available right now.

There might be a little wait but nothing compared to the five hours Mrs.Woods had to wait for me.

There is no real person.

But did she really wait. Not really because she was a bot. Her answers were predetermined.

Crumpled check package

Last of the tape, I guess.

They hire on the spot.

Wait, I never talked with a real person. I never saw a human. The entire interview was conducted via instant message. There was a break in conversation when the bot ‘sent’ my conversation to a human to review. I thought okay then a face to face will occur and this won’t all be for nothing. Nope. I was hired on the spot with a deadline for acceptance.

Now comes the scam:

They are sending you money to set up a home office.

The kicker is they are sending you big money; this check money for a laptop as well as software that as a freelancer I should already have (like something for accounting).

Check for 4,620 big ones!

Wow, I didn’t do anything!

They insist on mobile deposit.

This way the funds will be available to you immediately. The bank gives you access to this money before they have verified the account on the other end. It can take up to two weeks before they have tested the other bank account. The names on the check and the letter are spelled differently; Michael Nicolas and Micheal Nicholas

Funds Management letter

The names are different from the letter and the check.

They insist on buying from their preferred company.

Which is actually a fake website that deposits your money into their account.

Take Action

Show up or shut up; what is that saying? It’s a good one. I recently decided to start giving myself participation awards. Showing up seems a battle that everyone is fighting- how do we move from social media to a social event? There are so many moving parts when it comes to attending something as a family. It can be immobilizing to get pants on a toddler so we can go to the park; once we’re there it’s worth it for the family, for sanity, for sleeping. Personal goals of parents can fall behind as we put the needs/ desires of family first. A child acting out can be debilitating for personal goals.  So I made it a family goal, we all have to be involved in things we are all interested in.

Nevada Moms Clean Air Force with Michael Lienhard

Here we are at Sen. Dean Heller’s office.

One of the great reasons for being back in the states is the opportunity to stand with others and multiply our community voice. Another is the chance to meet with government representatives. I’ve been watching the VoteRunLead videos. They are so informative and interactive; full of great questions that get my gears going after listening to the videos. One question that stayed with me was from the first video; “Where do you show up in your community?” My first answer was online. I know it’s not what was meant but it struck me funny. I want to be more engaged and active in Reno- that’s not going to happen sitting behind a screen.

People gather for Charlottesville Victims Vigil in Reno's City Plaza

Before it started

Monday night we took the boys to a vigil in the City Plaza. I was too engaged to take many photos. We gathered and meet a few folks, more than 500 people attended. It was nice. Members of The Quiet Choir lead the group in, ‘I can’t Keep Quiet’, ‘This Little Light of Mine’, and ‘Imagine’. It was beautiful. For ‘This Little Light of Mine’ bats were flying overhead. It was right at dusk when all the candles were being lit.


Yesterday we (Wyll, the baby and I) had the pleasure of joining up with the Moms Clean Air Force here in Reno. We all went to meet Nevada Senator Dean Heller. Sen. Heller was busy with something so we met with Michael Lienhard, a regional representative. Michael, as he introduced himself, took a lot of notes, smiled, and promised to pass our concerns forward. In the meeting we, representing Moms Clean Air Force, talked about our concerns for the future of air and water in Nevada. It’s effects on public health were frequently noted. The focus was around cuts to the EPA and how that will affect us down the line. It’s been a long time since I had a meeting with a government official, my skills are a little rusty. Please check out the video of our meeting through the Nevada Moms Clean Air Force facebook group.