Applying to Korea

Most of our paper work is together. Somethings still need to get notarized and apostilled (CA stamp that says the notary is real), but that can wait until the background checks get here. The cool thing is that the farm has given us an early release so I gave a Wyll a full day to write everything- resume, interest essay and cover letter. Long story short, we started applying for jobs in Korea yesterday. Since it really isn’t the ‘on’ season for couples positions, we only applied to 6. Some of these positions start as soon as we get our visas, the farthest out they go is November. I would like to get there as soon as possible. I also want to know that it will be the right position and we wont be coming home before the year is up. Wyll and I went over some basics so we know what we are looking for. We want a position in a medium to large city near beaches, snowy mountains or national parks. I think that is pretty easy to find. I prefer day trips to the beach but Wyll could live on a snowboard. Either way Korea is fairly small and with good public transit we should be able to do both with a two hour bus/ train ride. We are also only applying to jobs with housing for us to live together. Since the majority of teachers looking for jobs in Korea are single and don’t want to share personal space with a stranger, few schools actually have housing with multiple bedrooms. The plus side of this is that the ones that do offer couples housing are mostly two bedroom with an office so if anyone wants to visit we will have room! We are also applying to jobs that start at $2000 USD/month or 2,200,000 KRW. (Hahaha I love writing it out!). The majority of the postings out there start in October. Soon it will move to December and there should be more couples jobs that meet our criteria.

These are pictures of the areas we have currently put in for:


ImageSeoul’s Olympic Park


Jeonju city- famous for Strawberries and exceptional produce!

ImageJeonju is also known for Pungnammun Gate!


Gochang is the most rural known for Mt. Seonun, Gochangeup Fortress, and Dolmen Remains.


This is a great photo of the fortress with the city in the background.Image

Daegu is the forth largest city in Korea


As you can see from this photo everyone is wearing life vests in three feet of water apparently most Koreans don’t know how to swim.Image


2 thoughts on “Applying to Korea

  1. These all look amazing in their own ways. The population density would be a challenge for me, but I bet you guys will get the hang of hanging out with that many people right away. Nothing like rural Sonoma County!

    Do you have your passports yet? Wyll’s has probably expired by now. A lot of the travel tips and hints I would give to most people won’t apply to you since you are going to be staying in one place for the whole year, but I’ll start thinking about things that I think would be helpful. Here’s one: Ziplock bags have been a godsend for us. We brought about 10 gallon size and 30 or more quart size with us. Not all cultures have ziplock bags and they are amazing for travel. They are light and can be used for about a hundred different things. Also, we’ve wished that we had duct tape about 7 times now. I’d throw in a roll.

    More tips to come. I love you, too.

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