Good Morning South Korea Calling…

This morning as I stumbled out of bed with sore body and meowing cat I recognize that my phone is buzzing with a number that starts 10…. I clear my throat and say “Good Morning” in my most professional sounding way.

“Hello, good morning, this is ….. South Korea.” She speaks excellent English and very fast instead of pausing she says ‘like’. She reminds me of a teenager with her enthusiasm and slang.She seems friendly and I like her. She asks about visa documents then gives very specific instructions about what I should do next. Luckily, I have slight hoarding tendencies so a notebook and pen are near by. She is asking me questions and I’m responding and firing back. Then she tells me it’s very late and I realize  it’s past midnight there. It felt like we talked for a long time, but really only spoke for 8 minutes and 41 seconds. She said she would call back later tonight to check progress. I asked for her name which I missed in the whirlwind of the first greetings.

I am jazzed!

Today Wyll and I accomplished all the things she asked for. I am waiting to triumph on the return call. I’m dressed up, the phone is plugged in. Not much else to do but blog and eat cereal. 🙂


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