Quick Update!

The call from Pam this morning really kicked my butt ( and I kicked Wyll’s) into high gear again. First thing Wyll called to check on our Criminal Records Check (CRC). Unfortunately they said it  was still ‘in process’ 😦 Thats okay! Wyll and I sent our degrees off to Sacramento for super cool state seals.

We also chatted with Nicky from Seoul ESL Inc. She said they only have one position for a couple in October but that they will have more for December. She also said she could hear our excitement over the phone. She knows we want to go. 😛 Nicky gave us some good pointers for Wyll’s head shot and my resume. It was a nice 20 minute conversation that was effortless and smooth. For pre-interview I think it went really well.

We also went through the emails we sent out (detective work) and noticed that Pam represents Gochang and Daegu! Wahoo! So we sent her a follow up email. I suspect she is a night owl and we will hear from her again tomorrow morning or midnight Korea time.


2 thoughts on “Quick Update!

  1. Hi, Lindsy. I just became a devotee…or follower…or whatever that is. Wow! I can’t believe how fast this is all moving. It sounds like you’ll be in South Korea well before we’re back. That’s really exciting. It looks like our clan will be present on four continents. If we could just get Greg to head off to Australia (he’s always wanted to go) and Karin to Antarctica (where I hear the ice skating is terrific), we could almost rule the world.


    • That would be so great! Greg would probably have a wonderful time in Australia. I have heard that it is really easy to live and work there as a foreigner. The Antarctic seems very lonely and dangerous. I think Karin would have fun somewhere classic, romantic and beautiful. It is a funny thought though. 🙂
      Love you too George,

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