Last Night’s Interview

So last night we had an interview with a director of a private chain. She was approximately our age with experience living  in Boston for ten years. The school is brand new (we would be the only foreign teachers). On the up side the school only has two students. The nice thing was that when we told her we had managed classes with 35 students her jaw dropped. She said classrooms won’t be larger than 9 students. 

Things we focused on teaching in bilingual environment, great attitude, passion for teaching and agriculture.

We talked with the recruiter again before and after the interview. She wanted to know if we would be ready in two weeks. 

After the phone call Wyll was really nervous. He is really looking forward to a month of working on his game. This is something that he has been keeping him alive. It’s also something I want him to complete before we go. I suggested he move in with Kevin for a few weeks.

I have an obligation in Ukiah as well. In the end we want to go in October. No Promises. 😛


2 thoughts on “Last Night’s Interview

    • It wont ruin our chances with other positions. We are looking at positions with many recruiters and in several different cities. If it sours our relationship with this recruiter than it truly was not meant to be. It’s a year long commitment and we want to make sure that any job we accept we can live with. 🙂

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