15 days to the First

We are trying to hard to get everything together to leave before the first of October. We are still waiting for our apostilled degrees which should arrive any day. By that I mean a few days ago. Luckily we splurged and apostilled our criminal background checks through a private company so they are back already. It could have taken an additional ten business days. That may not sound like much but this is becoming a race against time. We have inventoried all of our belongings. That took some time. We are also close to completing our shopping list. Some friends have helped us purge and couch surf. The traveling has already begun. We spent a few nights at the Lemmer Lodge and will be seeing my sister soon. Next week might also bring with it a trip to Southern California, a visit to the Korean Consulate, a final hurrah at a friends house and a flight to Korea! Its all moving so fast like a blur!


2 thoughts on “15 days to the First

  1. Dear Lindsy and Wyll,
    When Lois and I were all caught up in the frenzy of getting ready to live in Italy in 2009, a friend said to us that the moment you get onto the plane all of the stress of preparations will be behind you. All you can do will be done, and you can let go of what you haven’t done. He was right. We got on the plane; there were no more preparations we could do. All we could do was relax and look forward to the next episode of our lives. In two weeks, you’ll be there. I’m really excited for you both.

  2. Don’t forget to make a list for both places so you will know you are not going to miss anything that you need to take care.
    And George is right, it was a crazy feeling in me, while plane was taking off to take me to my new life to US in 2001. Crazy 🙂

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