Mad Crazy life experiences

Friday we officially started to apply for our visa. We also found out our luggage was never sent. 😦 Hopefully it arrived Saturday so we an have it for our Southern California/ Nevada trip. Yesterday we also had our going away party. It was tons of fun. It was a smallish space for a pool party, everyone who came had a good time. We had a potluck and a potlatch (where you give away your stuff).

We also announced our engagement. (Unknown words and expressions!!!) Wyll and I are getting MARRIED!

I am super excited to visit my grandparents and tell them in person. Then we are headed to LA to hang out with Wyll’s grandma and then Tahoe to see Wyll’s grandpa. 26 hours of driving and one week left before departure. Ending in Ukiah to give my mom the car then maybe getting a ride into the bay area or taking the bus. The plan at this point is to stay with Parents until the flight then to bart to sfo. The strange thing is that we don’t actually have our tickets. They will come. It will be amazing.

Right now I’m enjoying the company of my family. Camilo is eating pizza, mom and I are gabbing away about life and change. Thea is upstairs preparing for a day of adventure. I think everyone had a great and wonderful time last night. Both my mom and Thea were excited to meet Wyll’s friends (Kevin the Slam Poet was a big hit). Mom is still lit; talking about Paula and what an amazing woman she is. I see so much of my mom in Paula. So happy that all the kids got to hang out- Mack, Theo, Cayden, Camilo running around, getting into trouble and being best friends forever. Thea and Zoey got to hang out, bonding over Dr. Who. It was just so much dangy fun.

I figure in six to nine months Wyll and I will have a plan about Korea. Will we be there for a second year? Will we be moving back to the State? Will we move to the east coast for school or work? At this point there are so many possibilities. It’s hard to make any kinds of plans about the future. Wyll and I are on an adventure together, right now that’s more than enough. ❤


8 thoughts on “Mad Crazy life experiences

  1. Travel is an amazing adventure that will both test and strengthen your relationship. I am so excited for both of you. I’m so sad that we missed your going away party, but I saw a lot of photos and you both look so happy and beautiful and ready to face the world, and I couldn’t be happier for you. Some days will be amazing and others will be dull and difficult. Life in another country is still life. There are always trade offs. You get to experience some things others will only dream of, but you will miss things back home (not stuff, just moments like engagement parties and the like.) In the end, you learn so much about yourself and each other that you can only emerge from such experiences more fully yourself and more fully connected to the richness of the world. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

  2. I can’t believe I only just now found your blog! But I’m super stoked for you guys, and agree with most of the things mom says above (you will miss stuff, it just won’t feel as important as missing people). But I’m glad that you made the news public and that you’ve both been able to surround yourselves so completely with family and friends in these last days. ❤

  3. The party was so much fun, and it was so exciting to hear your good news! It was great testing out my new pie on everyone (who knew the dollar store sold pie crusts?). Since the pan was practically licked clean, I’m guessing it was a hit 😉 Most of all, I’m so glad I got to hang out with you before you two took off for a year. Keep in touch, and keep this blog going! Bon Voyage!

  4. Beautiful! My family and I are also moving soon, and like you said just being on an adventure with the hubby (and now with the kids!) is more than enough. ^^

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