Today is the first day I have been able to use my computer. Luckily the school uses HP so they have my laptop cord! Wyll and I have been whisked around from place to place for the last few days. Sunday being the exception, a much needed day of rest! Korea is so beautiful. Gochang is wild- everywhere you look someone has planted a row of squash, soy bean, rice, chilies, lettuce, diakon… We are still looking for the farmers market but the farm is EVERYWHERE! Yesterday was perhaps the most exciting. Grace met us at our apartment. She was slightly late and wearing a red coat which flowed out as she hurried into the building. Together we went to the school and met up with Sam.

Sam took us on a journey! He drove us out to a bigger city for our physical exams. They took blood, we peed into dixie cups and separated it into vials, I tried not to spill it on everyone who knocked into me. Then we went to another room for something else I laid down and had jumper cables attached to my ankles and wrists then little suction things were clasped to my chest. I think we were there for maybe an hour all the exams were very short. They made Wyll run around the hospital because his heart rate was too low! It was very funny.

On the drive back Sam stopped to let see a view of the whole city from a hill top. It was awesome. He drove us around Gochang showing us the sights. After we came back to the school Wyll and I went to dinner. Wyll ordered smoked chicken. It was AWESOME! I think I will make sandwiches with the leftovers.

Food. We are yet to eat at a traditional Korean Restaurant. We thought we did, sadly Grace informed us that it was Japanese style. We ordered off a menu without pictures- I was very nervous. Today on a walk about we found a few traditional style but I had already made food plans for the next three days. Our apartment came with milk, cereal, bread, jam, and eggs. We thought we would buy peanut butter ($7.40 USD), apples ($4 USD each). Thankfully Persimmons grow wild here and we met a very nice lady who gave us some she had harvested.

It is fun! More to come!


2 thoughts on “Gochang+

  1. Your writing style is so fantastic, Lindsy! I definitely LOLd at the part about Wyll’s heart rate. Keep the updates coming!

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