Gochang Farmers Market

Wyll and I arrived early for work knowing that the farmers market is bigger on days ending in 3 and 8. Every 5 days  the local farmers drive to the big city and shlock their goods from the backs of trucks. Mostly we saw bedding, shoes, dried fish, live eels, persimmons, we bought cuties, lettuce, miso paste- which I am really excited about and will probably purchase next time. One of the venders hand fed us different kinds of kimchi…? It was not very spicy, but the flavor was insane. It was very red, not fermented and soooo Good. She had a seaweed kind that we guess is vegetarian. She also had one that was mostly crab.Wyll tried it- it looked delicious. We ended up buying one that was made with abalone, I think. Funny thing is that they don’t use scales. There are two bowl sizes small and giant. I am hoping that Sunday we will be able to go with other foreigners as well as bring a camera.


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