Another walk around town

From our apartment to Zenith there are two main possible streets, Y-Mart street (the grocery store) and restaurant street. A few days ago Wyll and I turned the opposite direction on restaurant street and we found ourselves gallivanting on the outer reaches of Gochang. It was the perfect kind of day for these kinds of shinanagins! The sun shone brightly. We were freshly showered and ready to get stinky in the short hours before work. Unsure about the direction we headed for the end of the street thinking we could look around and see if there was anything interesting. We found a recent monument and grave site for someone very important. Grace says probably a political or literary figure due to the writing being in Chinese characters. She can’t read them similar to how I can’t read Latin.

After climbing all over the monument we saw a graveyard. Being that it was so close to Halloween we thought we would check it out. As we neared our approach a small dog started barking and we realized that there was nothing between us and the dog. We also realized we were walking up a private driveway and slowly recalled being told that Koreans have small family plots. We decided to take the path leading up into the woods. What is also probably private property.

We walked up a hill that reminded me of where Amy and Christine lived on Bohemian Hwy. The small difference  being that we are in Korea, not California’s Redwood Rainforest.  I walked cautiously perhaps too wary of California’s poison oak plants (I found myself with a rash right before we left for Korea- Poison Oak is NOT fun on a plane.) We were barely out of town but you could hear different bird calls. We saw some Magpies and maybe heard them too. We might not go back but we had a good time!


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