In the words of Katy Perry: Thank God it’s Friday. Pay day couldn’t get here any sooner. 

When I think about my life there are a few moments that stand out. A few moments when I could have done better- leaving my graduation speech at home is a big one. Leaving for a foreign country with five hundred dollars could have made that list. Fortunately, I like to cook and the fare is here is only slightly different from home. Our apartment was equipped with a 20 pound bag of rice. It was almost like a skinny month in the states. We managed to eat pretty well, spaghetti, stir fry, chicken. Instead of PBJs we ate fish shaped waffles with red bean paste. 

Over the last month we have eaten smoked chicken (delicious), admired the local vegetation, participated in cultural events, and became loved and admired by our students and director (don’t tell her). There have been challenges- I am hoping to get organized about skyping this weekend. We have struggled with cultural differences. These things will get easier as we adjust to a new culture, time zone, way of communicating with family.

Wyll and I are really getting into the popular music. I think there are three songs right now that I can pretend to sing in Korean. I have fallen in love with Korean fashion- although I don’t think it’s too far off from where American fashion is right now. The weather is getting colder so tomorrow is also a shopping day for me. It’s actually cold enough for Wyll to wear long underwear. I guess I’m crazy to want more tights so I can wear skirts!

The following photos are from around Gochang. I hope you enjoy!



11 thoughts on “T.G.I.F

  1. Do they have fleece tights in South Korea? If not I’ll send you a couple pairs (if I can find them… summer’s coming on and they might be hard to find, but I’ll do my best). They’re awesome for winter, and they come in different colors! So much warmer than regular tights. I miss you guys!

  2. Korean culture is very interesting and food is pretty cool-so glad you are experiencing it! Love hearing about your experience!

  3. Somebodys mama probably gave you xtra money for Gochang but you thought you were going to Go Change! I love the photos but Skype has got to happen. I will try at 5:00 Ca time,Saturday and again at 5:00 pm Sunday but Im not promisin.Love you mom

  4. Great post, Lindsy. It looks like Wyll has an Italian fashion thing going….in a blonde haired, blue-eyed sort of way. Glad you’ve been enjoying teaching.
    George (I’m borrowing Lois’ account because mine has gone all wonky)

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