December Snow

When Wyll and I first arrived in Korea, the test prep period had just ended. Abby and Grace were beginning the evals for the students. These last two weeks Wyll, Grace and I have been muddling through test prep and hoping that it all makes sense when we get to the other side- meaning that our students do well on tests we have little to no idea what will be on them. Yesterday we saw the first results of student testing, our youngest student received all A’s! YEAH!!!!!! Granted he is an excellent student, but his dad was very impressed so we had a pizza party. If all our students do that well I’m looking forward to eating a lot! 🙂


This week has also brought with it the snow! Some might even say a blizzard. And with the attention I received about dressing warmly there are a few Korean outfits I noticed that I really want to point out here. Some of our students (the older men) wear sandals with socks. I’m talking Nike flip flops with colorful blue and purple socks. This student accompanies us home from school every night. Meaning he has to walk in the same freezing cold as we do. I am not supporting his decision to be so fashion forward. I will continue to wear my three layers of long fleece underwear, multiple sweaters, socks, even my ski hat and scarf (which has given me the title of little matchstick girl). I have noticed the girls bring fleece blankets with them to class to cover their legs sometimes the blankets are worn around the waist like a skirt. Most of the time they are carried over the arm or in a backpack- short skirts are the envy of all.


2 thoughts on “December Snow

  1. Congratulations on the success of your student. A pizza party in Korea….still trying to get my mind around that one. Hope you continue to enjoy the snow. Snowboarding any time soon?

  2. Thank you!
    The pizza was definitely a true celebration pizza. The crust had a sweet portion that Wyll referred to as frosting, it was also stuffed with melted cheese. The toppings were everything from mashed sweet potato (or winter squash…) to mini walnut pastries. There was even pieces of bulgogi (uncured bacon), slices of Almonds, and what I can only describe as sweet and sour sauce (like the kind that comes with Vietnamese spring rolls). There is also an unidentified sweetness under the cheese Wyll thinks Macadamias.
    Snowboarding should be very soon. In the next week or two we will find out about our break. I think next weekend we will head over to the bigger city for more snow gear. This should make the joy of winter last a little longer. 🙂

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