2012-12-05 20.43.01

Leaving our apartment


5 thoughts on “2012-12-05 20.43.01

  1. ABSOLUTELY L*O*V*E the kimchi post. You will notice I stole some of it and posted your photos on my Asian Phil. page. I can’t thank you enough for these cultural treats. I get sucked in every time!! You make it so REAL, like we’re right next to you the whole time. SO FUN to read!!! But better, since I don’t have to be freezing with you. I LOVE YOU!!

    • I’m so glad you love it! I love writing them. It makes me feel good to know that I can really bring the family in. I want you to be here and enjoy with me. ❤ I added some comments to the facebook pictures. I hope you don't mind. ❤

  2. Not at all re. you adding comments to whatever I post on F-bk. If it happens again that I brazenly steal your material, by all means feel free to comment! Thank you! And I’m sure I will be stealing your stuff again! It’s so fun and informative, and I don’t cover Korea in my class, so this is such an excellent supplement. xoxoxoxox

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