Winter break!

Winter break is finally here. Tomorrow we hop the bus to Jeonju to run some errands and make our way to Muju resort! So far our break has consisted of lounging around the house finishing seasons of various shows- NCIS, CSI, Newsroom, the Sarah Connor Chronicles… ect. Yesterday we hit the local scene for some winter fun. We walked the wall (even though we weren’t suppose too!), I fell really hard on the packed ice, so we went to coffee. Wyll left me at the coffee shop and went to get asprin. He came back with drugs and a bruise patch. 🙂 This patch I’m wearing on my elbow has created a dark blue fuzz and will not be removed. The asprin are huge! Anyway we got some photos. Some are from a brisk walk on Saturday, most are from the Moyang Fortress. Enjoy!


There is a funny fact at the coffee shop:

1668 Coffee replaced beer as New York’s favorite breakfast drink!






6 thoughts on “Winter break!

  1. L*O*V*E these photos, but not the fall on hard ice! Hope you are not black and blue and sore all over. That bamboo forest in winter is amazing. I was only familiar with giant bamboo forests in Hawaii and didn’t realize bamboo can withstand snow.

  2. NO DUH you want to go to Hawaii. Every time I look at another photo of you in Korea, or another story about you surviving Korean winter, I WANT TO BE IN HAWAII, just to warm up. I am beyond sure that I could never survive a Korean winter. I don’t love donuts enough. Or sweet potatoes!

    • I have family in Hawaii that I need to visit. I see many tempting photos on Facebook. I think you would have a blast in Korea during the summer. At some point I want to do a temple stay. You stay the night at a Buddhist temple and follow the monks around, helping out with chores and learn about Buddhism. It sounds amazing. Korea is not THAT cold, I mean I still have all nine toes! 😛

  3. Ah but you are a rugged soul, my dearest, and your toes are much more solid than mine. I love the sound of this temple stay. Within Buddhist circles (in all honesty I have considered going there because of this), Korea is famous for the strength of its female sangha. There are more nuns than in any other Buddhist country in the world, and their status is higher, so they have more funds and can thus receive better training, better facilities, etc. In general, Korea is the place to be if you’re a female Buddhist who just wants to practice and be supported while doing so. Or at least it used to be in the early 90s when I was looking around for such places myself. xoxoxox

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