Winter break- quick and dirty

Winter break was awesome. Two weeks back on work schedule and I think it’s time to finish my winter break segment. Otherwise I might start want to go back on break…. 🙂 Last weekend Wyll and I went on a foot search for the Dolmens. It’s a 5 km walk which isn’t that far. We went the wrong way and now have a map and different expectations for day trips. 🙂 Here are some pictures from that trip!

Did I mention that we never made it to the dolmens and that our short walk lasted six hours… ? Oops.  😀

So we also took a day to enjoy Korea! We study history and architecture at Gyeongbokgung Palace, exiting from the Subway we were also invited on a free English guided tour! Our tour guides Linda and Lola were very knowledgeable and much younger than I had thought. They spoke excellent English and were in middle school. They knew many dates and explanations for different kinds of architecture. We even got to talk about Blue House (slipped into a little political talk!) and the  Folk Museum’s use of blue tiles in their roof. How dare they!

In the palace area is also the Folk Museum which was lovely. They also have an exhibit on display that showcases wedding traditions in Asia. It was beautiful. All the pieces were donated- it was so awesome. Unfortunately, they had a no pictures rule that I observed and no postcards of that exhibit for sale. Afterward, we headed to the closest area for lunch which was Insa-dong Gil, a kind of touristy traditional neighborhood. It was a lot of fun, even Wyll enjoyed shopping which for me is a big concern (like is he going to have fun with this?). And at the end of however many more hours of shopping, he convinced me to go to a massage- it was heaven! What a sweet end.


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