This morning I woke up to a startling combination of thunder and lightning. The weather here is perhaps something I will never understand. Coming from coastal California, I understand fog, heavy winter rains and a year round temperature of around 65 F. Snow and wind are not my favorite. I’m constantly confused by what to wear- will I ever get to wear a hoodie without a jacket? I’m used to wearing a sweater year round. I’m afraid of what summer will bring. Hot and muggy with the real possibility of bugs. The bonus of being an outsider is that I can wear whatever. People will look at me weird but for reasons other than my dress. For reasons other than I’m not wearing a mini skirt. 

But who wants to read about what I’ll wear today? Boring! 

This past weekend Jim Murray invited us out to the Jeonju International Film Festival! We saw amazing films. I’m not sure which one was my favorite but the last one we saw Lunarcy! is pretty high on my list. It was good to see Jeonju from a fun and touristy perspective too. Since I’ve only been there to do alien things. 

Saturday morning  was beautiful. So beautiful I only took with me, my hoodie. Big heavy wool jacket stayed at home :P. Raspberries to you jacket! We got up a little late and missed our first intended movie- this was a theme for the weekend although we didn’t know it yet. (It might be our theme for Korea- only time will tell…) There were six or more theater showing movies for the festival. All the movies Jim and I wanted to see were at the Cheonbuk University (sometimes spelled Jeonbuk). Bonus the movies were only 5,ooo won each. We ended up watching five movies over a two day period. 

So the university also has a little wild flower garden and we were walking around when it started to rain. Awesome. Rain. I was really looking forward to… rain. Luckily it would start and stop and it seemed to stop or let up just enough to walk to a coffee shop and stretch our legs between movies. We went to Art Park or Coffee Park… It was great- best coffee so far in ALL OF KOREA! The owner was straight out of a cartoon. Grateful, nice- held the door for us when we left. This unexpectedly made us all dog pile on the way out. Don’t let him hold the door for too long, smash, bang, thud.

He had thick glasses and shoulder length curly hair. He watched us while we ate. Made sure we were taken care of. We went twice and got very strong iced coffee for service. It seems that if I go somewhere twice I start to get things for free. The funny thing about being treated nice is that it makes us want to buy more things or go there more often. Wyll was tempted to buy some beans- since they roast themselves but at 75$ a pound it was a bit on the pricey side even for us rich waygookers. 



2 thoughts on “JIFF

  1. Thanks again for the link. Don’t worry I slept in Saturday too. I would have seen ten movies that weekend if it wasn’t for that lol

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