Long awaited holiday

After a year of anticipation I finally celebrated Christmas with my brother and sisters. A week before the 25th as no one wanted to wait any longer and many of us have other family obligations. It was perfect.
We did a secret Santa to ensure that even the naughty received a gift. Fortunately no coal was passed out. So we must have been pretty good as a group. Wyll and I got the opportunity to give out our Korea gifts and that was a lot of fun. I think everyone ignored the secret Santa idea and got gifts for everyone. It was extra jubilant.
We ate traditional foods like ham mash potatoes. There was persimmon pancakes for breakfast and then I made a vegan persimmon bread for the following day.
I had so much fun. I love spending time with the family. The next trip should be a lot of fun a few kits were handed out. So the next visit will involve sushi making!


So, I’m back in the states having just celebrated Thanksgiving. We extended our contract by a few days and left before our replacements arrived. In a two week whirlwind, we prepared for our wedding gathering up last minute details- wedding dress, rings, even managing our marriage licences the day before heading out to The Mendocino Woodlands. The ceremony was beautiful. Then we spent a week or so in Tahoe. Finally made it up to Vikingsholm, gorgeous! I have already received two letters from students:


Hello, Lindsy Teacher. We have a new teacher- Hannah Teacher. I miss you.

What can I say? My students are the best! 😛