What can I say?

Home in California, married, and getting back to the daily grind. My days are no longer filled with cultural or language misunderstandings. A few of my students follow and interact with me on social media platforms. I’m not bored or unhappy.

Today I helped expand a chicken home and give these organic chickens more room for dust baths and ranging. I uprooted an invasive plant near the chicken home and talked at length about living off the grid. Here, I am on the forefront of the slow food movement. I’ve already sat in on meetings about improving native bee populations keeping in mind plants, frost and bloom season. With California in a terrible drought, I’m learning a lot about water use- even dry farming will be hard this year! That blew my mind. Not enough water to dry farm. 

My house, yes, we’ve moved (hopefully we’ll get a PO box this week and send out those wedding thank you’s I’ve been toting around). Recently I’ve been working on my wood stove cooking ability. My coffee is amazing! I make cowboy coffee and heat my cup right on the stove. Delicious! I made oatmeal overnight but I think I can do better. I’m getting back into the rural lifestyle. I love having wood heat. I love waking up super early, especially when a fox has tripped the motion sensor light!


The fox was right next to that stump three mornings in a row- then I saw teeth marks on the outside trash!

The fox is rather large. I think 2.5 feet long with a tail that doubles his size. So magical! When I see it, I feel like I’m sneaking up on something sacred. We had a moment of eye contact when I was moving in and I was really still and tried not to look at the fox. To pretend that I didn’t see it. I could not resist. It is so pretty. Like a unicorn but real….