Lemon Time is upon us!

Today I had a wonderful time with Pat Greer of Seahorse Ranch making a lemon jelly. Her daughter came over to help us in the kitchen. We talked about culture, food and current events. She brought three bags of fresh lemons from her ranch, three bags of organic sugar, a few jars of spring water also from her ranch, and some pectin from Andy’s. It was a few hours of trading off washing, peeling, and juicing. When I say a few hours I mean 11-5 with a short break for lunch. Around 3 pm we started cooking and when I left at 5 the first batch was going into the canning bath.

Surprisingly, everything was done by hand. The juicer was cone in a dish. The peeler was not a grater. Pat explained that a grater produced smaller shavings, a peeler was the right tool for peeling. I didn’t mind but it left us without additional help which really I didn’t mind. I was catching up with an old friend, hearing about changes in the community. Exchanging old ideas and passing on newer information. We had a girls day and it was awesome. Also this jelly uses a lot of lemon juice so I have more ideas of what to do with Lemoncello leftovers extra rind peelings included although that might not be a problem.


My hands smell

like lemons.