Back in the saddle again.

So, if you haven’t noticed, I’m back in Korea without my shiny new husband. Much to my annoyance people ask “Where is he?” But, really, what did I expect? As much as students enjoy my classes, they all want to know where is Wylliam and when will he arrive. Yesterday, a student ratted out another saying “She is not happy; she wants Wylliam.” I replied quickly “Yes, he is quite handsome.” When I told Wyll this story, he said “she was my favorite!”

Surprisingly, I wasn’t too nervous about spending a year abroad  and alone. I thought it would be a wonderful chance to dedicate time to our personal projects instead of fussing over the other’s project. This week I started my Korean language lessons! They are going very well and I hope I’m picking it up quickly (day two of lessons- we should probably check back in on these feelings). I received my foreign service test results and I didn’t pass. It was expected. Although, I passed the multiple choice section which was a surprise. This information gives me new idea about how to move forward with the exam. I’ll keep going on the current events and really focus on essay writing. I think 30 mins of each a weekday is a good start.

Wyll, on the other side of the world, has arranged for a large play session of his game at Eudemonia in Berkeley. This Sunday he will be recording the Kickstarter video with game participants. I’ve also heard that Starcraft has expanded it’s second edition, which leaves me with few questions as to why Wyll was online at 7pm Korea time (3am California time) yesterday.

Are you pumped?

I think separately we are making good progress on our adventures. I do miss him. I missed him terribly the first week. It’s getting better. When we talk it’s a reminder of why we’re putting each other through this. It’s important for us to still have personal identities. It’s important for us to love ourselves and put ourselves first right now.  We’ve been together almost every day for the last four years. It’s nice to be independent and sleep on the whole bed without pushing someone else onto the floor.