Fire Weekend

This trip to Korea I didn’t bring a camera of any sort. I thought that I would be here long enough to get a cell phone, but that hasn’t seemed like a big deal. Then I thought I would get a digital camera, they’re expensive! Especially in Gochange, where there are no Target’s or Best Buy’s. I still want to catalog my journey. Luckily, people around me have cameras and have taken a few pictures of me! YAY!

Last weekend was a busy one. Starting on Friday, I went out in a group of nine people! It’s a large group for Gochange, locals stared in disbelief. A mom and child that ended up in the middle of us huddled together as we over took them. We were kind of like a gang without a reason. We went to New York 5th Ave, an international beer bar. Afterwards, we got a singing room, nori bong, and belted out wondrous tunes like ‘Zombie’, ‘Baby Got Back’, and ‘Born in the USA’ which is a terrible song and we changed some of the lyrics. Mostly, we changed the lyrics because the singer was Canadian so there was a reprise that went after every born in the USA line; “Liar” we all shouted. A few hours of that we ended up on the Fortress lawn talking about movies and trying to set our phones on fire. Well, not really, an app that looked like a camp fire. It was a good night.

Saturday I headed over to Mr. Noh’s mom’s house for a post birthday lunch. Sam picked me up and I got a pretty box of peaches to give to Mr. Noh’s mom. She was happy about it and teased me by saying ‘Why did you bring this? I have enough food.’ I think she appreciated it. When I arrived, the kids were there running back and forth. Mr. Noh’s daughter, Lauren, watched over her little brother who pretended to be shy. She is a student but I know them both pretty well. Katherine was there too. Mr. Noh’s dad was watching TV in an A-line shirt and his wife made him put on a real shirt! I can only imagine how that conversation translated. Though it did seem pretty clear when he came out with a button up on. It was a really nice day. I had a wonderful time and was sent home with more kimchi.
So much banchan

Table is set