I finally stayed the night in a jimjilbang. It wasn’t the romantic evening I thought it would be. For the most part, you are separated by genders, then there is a common family room. Oddly, the light in this room doesn’t get turned off and the TVs were turned off at 1am and back on at 4am. The showers were really nice as well as the saunas and heated pools. Being that we stayed at the airport jimjilbang, it was pretty expensive, similar to staying at a love motel. 20,000 won per person- most love motels are 40,000. I would have preferred a love motel, I think my mom is starting to understand I have an affection for love motels. While Wyll enjoyed the jimjilbang, he didn’t stay there on a more recent trip to the airport. So it was a good experience, but something I’d rather do in the day and not overnight.


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