Update October 2015

These past three years have been a wonderful opportunity to submerge myself in a different culture and see what life is like outside of the US. There are still many things I would like to see and accomplish before we leave. Nine months to do something great that we hadn’t thought of before. Or to buckle down and do the things we forgot!

After reaffirming my desire to try again for the Foreign Service, I rearranged my schedule to put studying in the forefront. At first I wasn’t sure how to study. I thought back in July that since we were headed back to the states at some point I should get back into learning Korean. I haven’t really figured out how to study Korean. Last year I had a tutor but the first stages of pregnancy put extra activities on hold. So in July I got a copy of Rosetta Stone Korean and Living Languages Korean. I got to unit four when I realized I was procrastinating, this would help me in Korea but not for the Foreign Sevice Test. 

What would help me for the test? Last time I had passed the multiple choice section. My score on the essay had been terrible. I enrolled my husband into helping me. We had already arranged to watch the baby alone for a couple of hours a day, so we each had personal time. I used my time for essay writing, suggested reading and learning Korean. As the test day became closer and closer more of our time went to focusing on the test. Two weeks before I think Wyll spent all his time watching the baby while I prepared.

It was wonderful. He read my essays and graded them according to ACT. I will difinately pass the essay section now I’m worried I spent too little time studying history or something. I’m driving myself crazy waiting for the results. It has barely been a week. I won’t know anything until mid-November at the earliest. 


 I’m submerging myself in the culture a little more. I started making 반전. I want to make more Korean food at home and practise the language more. I was recently inspired by a friend who is now doing all social posts in Korean.

So, I have high hopes for learning Korean. I’m using so many books. I also have an idea for a flash card game. I think there are some people who would be interested in helping me learn too. 


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