Winter 2016

The past few months in Korea have brought on winter in full force. The snowfall broke some personal records but might not have been too extraordinary. It has, however, given me a lot of cooking time in the house and some additional internet time. This week I’m messing around with the Kitchn’s chocolate pudding recipe. It does need heavy cream but an all milk version isn’t terrible, just a little soupy.

photo (1)

This winter has also put me on many trips to Incheon International airport. I feel like a seasoned professional, not that I want a job going  to and from the airport. I have learned from the Express Bus Terminal, the airport bus costs about as much as the subway and it’s 30 minutes faster with no transfers! I feel like we still have a lot of traveling to do so this will continue to come in handy. I also found the Unseo subway stop which is full of cheap hotels. The one I stayed at was a little too cramped but I think there are better ones nearby.
More than a few of my close friends and family are expecting babies this year so I’ve also been looking at where I can get my hands on ways to make baby blankets. I’ve never owned a sewing machine in Korea, I’m sure people do but I don’t. I was looking at getting some kits to glue together or something but they cost almost as much as buying a new one and you don’t get to choose the fabric. I really mean is the designs are really dated with air balloons and psalms. We are more dinosaur, woodsy people.
So looking around the area I found Happy Quilt in the outskirts of Seoul. I also discovered that if I go to Jeongeup there is a direct bus so I won’t have to go into the city and back out saving me over two hours of travel on the subway. I’m pretty happy about it. Happy Quilt happy? We shall see. I’m not really sure when I will go but I have a little vacation time coming up and now I know their hours so hopefully it will be soon.

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