People watching in LA!!!

We’ve been in California now for two months. It’s surreal knowing that I won’t be going back to Korea for a few years. My diet has done a 180* making me look healthier to my fellow Americans. When I’m around my family all I hear is “eat, eat, eat”. It can be a little stressful. My students used to ask me what native foods I missed the most. Enchiladas was always the response. I had to go to a hole in the wall to get what I was craving but I found the perfect place in Salinas! It was right next to a furniture store. The restaurant was full of Latinos and the staff spoke only Spanish. It was so good.

Tahoe, oh my!

 We are in a long term environment at Wyll’s parents house in South Lake Tahoe. It’s so beautiful here. So far we’ve gone on hikes in the woods and played at the lake. The amount of nature, specifically animal life, is incredible. We’ve seen bears, small ground animals, and all manner of birds!

They might be over his head.

I’ve been slowly working on my Korean as well. It’s fun to have a project that I work on with the baby. Larz isn’t speaking yet but he understands a lot of words. His understanding of English has blossomed in the last few days, with tutoring from his grandpa, he will point to correct objects when asked where they are. It makes me feel like a slacker because I know we could be doing the same thing in Korean if I was prioritizing it. So here’s to getting it done and teaching the little guy a language that is not native to mom or pop.