House warming 

Yesterday we celebrated moving into our own place. It was nice having people over. We only have two chairs but we had a great time and even managed a table top game. Hacky sack was the game of the day though. Everyone enjoyed being in the sun and playing a non-competitive game. 

The apartment manager opened the pool, so we are hoping to have weekly dinners and swims. We were gifted some much needed items like a popcorn popper, you laugh but I’d been making it in a stew pot and it came out soggy more than once. 

The wildest thing we got was an Instant Pot, apparently we don’t need a stove or oven any more. This baby does so much, it claims to be a seven in one but it has 14 cook button options. I’m excited and nervous to get started. It came with a recipe book and I’m starting with the first recipe. I hope it moves from easy to hard instead of appetizers to desserts. It’s a squash soup, wish me luck, I’ll keep you posted. 


So we finally moved to our own place. It feels like forever since we had some personal space. Granted we loved being with family, it’s just time we had the room to argue, cry and be parents. We’ve been here for about a month-it’s flown by so quickly. We found a few gems and meet some nice people. 

Almost there!

Close to the apartment we moved into is Huffaker Park. It’s pretty nice with a stream that runs through on one side. It has two play structures and a big hill or small mountain that is most often jogged. There are plenty of people walking their dogs, too. Many of the dogs seem to be older. The laughing, chaotic run of a toddler pretty easily throws them off but we’ve had few confrontations. 

On more than one occasion I’ve found multiple groups with kids at the playground. Often moms, but sometimes grandparents or dads, with kids under eight years old. Today, it was a mess with two year old boys. Maybe, I exaggerate, four toddlers, two infants, one dog; plus two girls who came at the end. Watching kids interact who are the same age as mine was exciting. 

Developmentally, they are all so different. I can see that Lars is a little under developed when it comes to language, perhaps shy too. He’s very gentle but learns how to be more rough and tumble around others. I pick up things too like the advantages and hard work put into timeout and other forms of discipline. One mom commented on my “no thank you” routine, which I picked up from another mom in South Lake Tahoe. 

It feels good. I think we’re on the right path it’s just taken us a while to get here.