Housing Reno’s Homeless

I’m still pleased that my opinion was published in the local paper. I reworked it and submitted it to Reno City Council. Since this was published I have found many locals are interested in these same ideas, with a few nuances. I’ve added the text below.


Long Term Housing Solutions needed

The City Council doesn’t know what they’re doing in regard to homelessness in Reno. Everyone views this issue, especially those without housing, to be a problem. There are several different ways cities around the country are dealing with homelessness. Salt Lake City and Austin are building permanent housing. Aurora, Colo., uses legal marijuana montu to fund programs. Shelters are temporary solutions, Reno needs more long term solutions. Long-term solutions are better for everyone. We need more affordable housing projects. Everyone is feeling the housing market rise, most families need help getting and staying in permanent housing. Home is possible and similar programs are a great way to facilitate more home ownership. If homeless folks are going to stay off the streets, the need services that support them. Programs that provide continued support to keep people off the street, like Re-Start, are part of a long-term solution.

Lindsy Judd, Reno

A few of the nuances:

Housing First is a proven method of ending all types of homelessness and is the most effective approach to ending chronic homelessness. Housing First offers individuals and families experiencing homelessness immediate access to permanent affordable or supportive housing.

Tiny Home Community is in the works! It needs land but it has a lot of community support. Tiny Home Community RGJ

Housing/ Community Land Trusts are a a way to lease a house for 99 years and keep the appreciation low so the mortgage will remain low for the lifetime of the tenant. It can be entrusted to a non-profit or managed by a government entity.

Lastly, Washoe County is low on revenue, so a Government Services Tax added to NV DMV registration can fund these and other long-term solutions. The tax is 28$/year for a new car and decreases as the car ages.