Lindsy Judd lived in South Korea where she taught English before settling down in Reno with her two kids. She has a background in economics, politics and culture studies. She is currently learning computer programming. She started blogging to communicate her experience in South Korea and now everything. Her passions include cooking, reading and immersing herself in the local scene.

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  1. Hi Lindsy, my name is Arno and I’m from South Africa. I’m heading to Gochang and would like to know if you could spare a few minutes and tell me a bit more about the place. The information is very limited on the internet. I’m starting in sept as an esl teacher at seosomething(hehe) public middle school. Are you two still living in Gochang?

    • I’m here now actually, Wyll is in the States. Lots of folks from So.Africa. There is a facebook group Gochang Foreigners. I don’t work in the public schools but others do. It’s a small town with 13 foreigners.

  2. Hi Lindsy, thx for the info. I’m heading to Gochang next week. Finally received my visa confirmation.. I’m glad to hear theres a few foreigners..will definitely check out the group you mentioned and post something on it once I arrive.. maybe a meet and greet in ‘restaurant street’ for a taste of eel I’ve of been reading about or maybe a berry drink..hehe

    Enjoy your day and your blender..hehe

  3. Same here..although feeling a bit stressed with the language barrier, teaching and all the things needed to be done before I leave, not too mention the ‘goodbyes’..ouch. Anyway, nothing ventured nothing gained..hehe. I’m probably arriving Wednesday evening, the 10th, so I will miss Chuseok.

    Enjoy the holiday/Chuseok and see you soon!

  4. Hi Lindsay, thx.

    I spoke with the department of education earlier this week and confirmed. I also had a conversation with Angus when he phoned Angie this weekend and told him the department gave me a call. For some reason there was a communication gap between the department and Angus.

    Anyway, its all sorted out now..

    Will you be there on Friday? How was your trip back home?

  5. Cheers! lindsy for following my post, I too will follow you and learn something from your visit to Korea

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