Another cooking adventure

One of my first thoughts about moving back to Korea was ‘I can get a blender!’ A recent realization has my blender plans back on hold. Oh, I’m waiting for the day I can make smooth soup and delicious smoothies. While scrolling through ‘The Kitchn’ I came across this article about grating tomatoes to make raw spaghetti sauce. My strong desire for a blender subsided. I thought ‘I bet I can make tomato soup this way.’ So tonight the adventure begins. I grated a tomato then put some Italian seasoning to cook in a little olive oil. After adding the tomato, I put in a little honey. I left it on to simmer and get a dark red color, about 15 min. I’m excited to try the results. I’m actually so pumped I started writing before I was finished cooking. I have high expectations.

Grated tomato soup

Okay, wow! That’s definitely sauce, so back to the stove with you. I’m adding milk and water this time.

grated tomato soup with milk

It’s more orange than in the picture and quite delightful. It is a soup but I find myself chewing the seeds. It’s a kind of simple summer soup. I have more things to try out. I saw Gordon Ramsey using a potato masher for rustic tomato soup. That might also work for banana ice cream. Anyway, the soup is good and I’ll probably mess with it some more. How do you like to make tomato soup?


Friends and surprises

The winter season has been full of new friendships and surprises. Wyll and I went snowboarding with some foreigners and not only did we gain new friendships we also took on bunny sitting. Tomorrow will bring about the end of our bunny having adventure. The bunny has acclimated to a very different life style. He eats raw/ fresh vegetables by the kilo and a few fruits. He has his own room where he generally runs around like a maniac. He now has a name “Rodeo”, when he runs through the apartment he sometimes kicks out his feet like a buckin’ bronco. He will probably have a hard time getting use to small quarters again, especially after having a whole room!

Last night we had a game night, hopefully the first of many. We played Ascension and Apples to Apples. Both games were well fought and closely won. There was also an expressed interest in play testing Wyll’s game. Let me back up a little. The night before Angus, he’s Canadian,  returned from his month long vacation, bearing gifts of maple syrup and deodorant. I am going to try to make maple people- apparently they don’t have them in Canada.We went out for dinner with Angus and James Murray. James is fascinating and awesome! He is a self-published author. He has a novel and collection of poetry. He has done conventions and promoted his book on the east coast. He is working on an epic looking graphic novel. James has qualities that remind me of family members, Delmar specifically. For the game night James gifted us with a copy of his novel and I am loving it!

On another surprising level one of the foreigners is leaving Gochang. She was the first we met. She chased us down at the Moyang festival. She introduced us to many other foreigners. After helping her by taking her HAMSTERS, she surprised me by “loaning” me her juicer. With the understanding that if she comes back I’ll hand it over willingly. Well after all the fun I had today, that might prove to be very difficult!

I was reading online about all the crazy things it can do- whole pomegranates, whole pineapple! So, I went out and bought everything I could find. I forgot a few things like ginger and there wasn’t celery. I made a juice: dino kale, red kale, beet, pineapple, carrot, apple. It was amazing, so I had to try my hand at tomato soup! The soup was crazy! I juiced half a cabbage, a carrot, green onion, garlic, a kilo of tomatoes and half a bell pepper. I sauteed some basil, salt and pepper. I tried the juice before cooking it and it was spicy! Garlic really gave it a kick. So simmered the juice and seasoning together until it looked like soup, 20 minutes or so.  

This could be life changing!